The History of Buck Knives

Al Buck

Continuing His Father’s Work

Buck knives were the brainchild of Hoyt Buck, a young Kansas blacksmith who discovered an innovative way to temper steel to make it hold an edge longer. He produced the first Buck knife in 1902  and initially made each new knife by hand.

After finishing a stint in the Navy, Hoyt Buck moved to San Diego to live with his son Al, and in 1945, they set up shop as H.H. Buck and Son. After his father’s death, Al continued building the company, eventually incorporating the business as Buck Knives, Inc. in 1961. Al’s son Chuck was introduced to the business at an early age – and both he and his wife Lori were involved in the incorporation of the business. In 1964, Buck Knives revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the Model 110 Folding Hunter – establishing Buck knives as an industry leader, a position we continue to hold proudly.

Chuck and CJ

Carrying on the Legacy of Buck Knives

Chuck served as President and CEO of Buck Knives before handing over the reins to his son CJ in 1999. He remained active in the company as Chairman of the Board until his passing in 2015. His wife Lori now serves on the Board of Directors and is involved with promotional events for the company. CJ, who now serves as CEO, President, and Chairman, started out on the production line in 1978. To quote him: “We have been helping people thrive with reliable and trustworthy edged products for over a century. Since our own name is on the knife, our quality, focus, and attention to detail are very personal.”

Copper + Clad

Our Ongoing Commitment to Buck Knives

Hoyt and Al Buck’s ingenuity put Buck knives and the company on the map. Our ongoing commitment at Copper & Clad is to honor the innovation of Buck knives and continue the tradition of excellence that customers have come to expect from their Buck knives.

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