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Our Partnership with Buck Knives

As one of Buck’s largest dealers, Copper + Clad has become one of the top destinations online for unique and short run Buck Knives. In addition to carrying Buck’s entire catalog, we work closely with Buck’s production team to commission several of their most popular patterns in distinct configurations that otherwise could not be mass produced. From upgraded blade steels, to rare handle materials, you are sure to find an enhanced variation of your favorite Buck knife from our vast offering of exclusive knives.

In many cases, our exclusive Buck knives are also limited editions, produced in lots that are individually numbered and only available for a short window of time. There are always new designs and styles in the pipeline.

The knives that Buck produces for us adhere to the same top quality standards as all Buck knives. There are no cutting corners on materials or workmanship. They carry the same famous Buck Forever Warranty. The only difference is in their exclusive style and design.

Knives for the Collector

In many cases some of the Buck Knives exclusively produced for Copper + Clad are limited in production to a mere few hundred pieces and available for only a matter of months. This in turn makes many of our Limited-Edition Exclusives some of the most sought-after Buck Knives on the market.

In addition to our customers collecting for the sole collectability of our knives, many others collect and put their knives to use in the field. Some even choose to carry a different knife for each day of the week. For this EDC (everyday carry) collector, we strive to commission high-end knives at reasonable price points.


The iconic American brand with exclusive styles and variations available only at Copper & Clad. Add one to your collection today.
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