The Elusive 532 BuckLock

532 bucklock

The elusive 532 BuckLock has been out of Buck’s standard production for more than 2 decades. Which is why this all new release is extra special for Buck enthusiast like us! With the 532’s Drop Point Blade we found it to be a perfect fit in our Indigo Blue Collection, which also features Drop Points Blades in the 055, 110 Folding Hunter, and 112 Ranger.

As mentioned above this particular 532 BuckLock features stunning Indigo Blue Dymondwood scales and polished nickel silver bolsters, but there are a couple of additional features that really set the 532 apart. The first being its noticeable mid lock located in the center of the knife. This is not something you commonly see on a traditional Buck folder. Second, is the handsomely worked liners on each side of the knife that just adds to the wow factor of this rare patter. Act fast as the first 100 units of this 532 have been individually numbered for the First Production Run.

532 BuckLock product link

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